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17 Jun. 2021; 08:20
The POSEIDON co-operation strategy covered 3 over-arching themes and sub-themes that came up during the working process, which were based upon the socio-economic profiles of deprived neighbourhoods.

Contents, instruments and structural patterns of neighbourhood management policies

London_1 - 190125.1

This co-operation theme dealt with:
  • Neighbourhood management policies dealing with the improvement of the population’s quality of life
  • Achievement of stronger social and ethnic inclusion
  • Organisational context of local neighbourhood management policies

Communication with / consultation of local communities and direct involvement of inhabitants living in deprived urban neighbourhoods

Vienna_2 - 190126.1

This co-operation theme dealt with:
  • Approaches stimulating communication and community consultation in deprived neighbourhoods
  • Initiatives aiming at the empowerment of inhabitants and increasing community involvement
  • Participation and development of local partnerships

Projects improving the socio-economic situation in deprived neighbourhoods
North Kent_3 - 190127.1

This co-operation theme dealt with:
  • Strengthening educational, cultural, sports and leisure offers and activities
  • Improvement of childcare facilities, job re-insertion or gender mainstreaming activities
  • Supporting local businesses and the ethnic economy
  • Setting up of local alliances for integrated urban renewal measures