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2 Jul. 2020; 12:06
District improvement programme in Amsterdam

The Geuzenveld-Slotermeer Urban District administration virtually operates as an autonomous municipality. The general context within which the administration operates is determined by legal agreements, the policy arrangement between the district administration and the municipality of Amsterdam and the programme agreement of the district administration. The urban district administration advises the managing committee of the district, the council committees and the Urban District Council.

The district improvement programme has a significant effect throughout the organisation. The district administration is committed to realising a more agreeable living environment, valued services and equal opportunities and accessibility in order to create the best possible living conditions. The district administration has adopted an enterprising approach, offers space for experiments and challenges, and seeks cooperation with other parties to obtain better results.

Almost 300 people work in the sectors District Works (Stadsdeelwerken), Residential and Business Affairs (Wonen & Werken), Welfare, Education and Sports (Welzijn Onderwijs & Sport), Administrative and Management Support (Bestuur- en Managementondersteuning) and in the programmes Front Office and Urban Renewal (Stedelijke Vernieuwing).

By Anja Boon, Stadsdeel Geuzenveld-Slotermeer